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Family Holidays in Italy

Family Hotel Italy

Family Hotel ItalyThe history of the Grand Hotel Cavallino Bianco can be tracked back to the year 1448. For decades this place had been an important station for stagecoaches due to its ideal location in the center of Ortisei, amidst the beautiful valley of Val Gardena in South-Tyrol, Italy.

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Family Friendly Hotel Italy

Family Friendly Hotel ItalyIf families want to plan something special for pleasure, it first of all should please the children. If so, then the parents are pleased too. Children like travelling very much, because they haven’t seen so many places up to now. No matter If a longer vacation or only one short-trip is intended, it is always a big adventure for the kids. In order to do everything perfectly, the parents want to find a family friendly hotel. Normally family friendly hotels provide beds for children and own playgrounds. But what about spending some days in a family friendly hotel Italy, which offers much more, because it is a real children hotel, that even is a baby hotel?

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Family Holidays Italy

Family Holidays ItalyThe Grand Hotel “Cavallino Bianco” in Ortisei in the Dolomites is well-known to be worldwide the first and single hotel offering vacation exceptionally for families with kids and babies. Spending family holidays in Italy the “Cavallino Bianco” definitely is the best address in every respect. Surrounded by breath-taking nature of the Dolomites and situated in the picturesque mountain village Ortisei, the hotel is waiting for guests with a huge variety of entertainment, events and activities making a family holiday in Italy an unforgettable time.

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Luxury Family Hotel Italy

Luxury Family Hotel ItalyLocated in the small south-tyrolean town of Ortisei in Val Gardena, the “Cavallino Bianco” is the luxury family hotel in Italy. Ortisei is known as a glamourous and very popular holiday resort, where families can spent their vacation during the whole year. It is surrounded by beautiful woods where the guests of this luxury family hotel in Italy can go for a relaxing walk in fresh air during the summertime. In the winter the magnificent landscape of the nearby dolomities invites the whole family to go skiing. The guests of the Cavallino Bianco, luxury family hotel italy, will find a lot of ski slopes with several degrees of difficulty.

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Family Hotel Dolomiti

Family Hotel DolomitiThe Cavallino Bianco Family Hotel (Dolomiti) is part of the idyllically situated resort village of Ortisei in Val Gardena, which belongs to the famous Dolomites Nature Park in South Tyrol (Italy). The family hotel (Dolomiti) is centrally situated, but also surrounded by a traffic-calmed zone – in the direct neighbourhood of a vast park.

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Luxury Family Holidays Europe

Luxury Family Holidays EuropeThe Hotel Cavallino Bianco in Ortisei, Val Gardena guarantees luxury family holidays in europe. Ortisei, which is also called St. Ulrich, is a small town in the south-tyrolean valley of Val Gardena in Italy. It is known as a very popular holiday resort especially during the winter. But the Cavallino Bianco Hotel, located in the fantastic scenery of the dolomites, offers luxury family holidays in europe at all seasons of the year.

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Grand Hotel Italy

Grand Hotel ItalyThe “Cavallino Bianco” is a 4****stars grand hotel in Italy. The long historical tradition of what is now a very popular family hotel, started long time ago as one of the oldest farmsteads of Ortisei. Even if its name changed many times over the centuries, the todays proprietors, the families Obletter and Riffeser, are very proud of having been able to reconstruct the “Cavallino Bianco” exactly at the very same place. The Grand Hotel is located in the center of Ortisei (St. Ulrich), which is a small town in Val Gardena, South-Tyrol, Italy.

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Luxury Family Ski Holidays

Luxury Family Ski HolidaysWhat about spending your next winter holidays with your family in the mountains of Northern Italy? Besides the very good skiing and hiking possibilities, there is something special in South Tyrol, what might be unique in the world: In 2005 the Family and SPA Grand Hotel “Cavallino Bianco” (little white horse) has opened its doors in Ortisei, in Val Gardena. The Cavallino Bianco is a luxury family hotel, which exclusively has been build for guests with children. The house contains a games paradise, 1,000 square meters large, named Lino Land.

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Family Vacation Italy

Family Vacation ItalyWhat plans do you have for your next family vacation? Most of the people like the sea as well as the mountains. Probably you decide to spend your next family vacation in Italy. The mountain region of South Tyrol offers countless ski slopes and hiking trails and additional you can have “holidays at the seaside” in summer and in winter.

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Luxury All Inclusive Family Holidays

Luxury all inclusive family holidaysThe Grand Hotel „Cavallino Bianco“ guarantees luxury all inclusive familiy holidays. It is located directly in the center of Ortisei, South-Tyrol, Italy. Still in family possession, the owners made their own dream come true by creating a non-smoking Grand Hotel in Val Gardena which is both, an exclusive first-class hotel, where parents can rest and relax, and a unique children hotel with a lot of opportunities to play and romp around.

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Spa Holiday Italy

Spa Holiday ItalyOrtisei is a popular resort in the mountain region of Northern Italy. The centre of the picturesque little town in Val Gardena, a valley in South Tyrol, is situated 1,236 meters above sea level. Every year People from all over the world visit this place amid the imposing mountains of the Dolomites to spend their holidays there. They love hiking, swimming and skiing. The fresh air of the mountains helps to relax and to recreate power and health. That’s why there are many good hotels and pensions located in Ortisei. One of them is the Family & SPA Grand Hotel Cavallino Bianco.

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Baby friendly Holidays Italy

Baby friendly holidays ItalyThe traditional Cavallino Bianco is the first Family Grand Hotel in this region and is well known for the exclusive service concerning families and baby friendly holidays in Italy. The 4-Stars children hotel in Ortisei Valgardena offers a comfortable all-inclusive package for the whole family in a luxury atmosphere within the spectacular landscape of the Dolomites in South Tyrol where all kinds of wintersports are possible. The unique combination of this Family Grand Hotel concentrates swimming-pools, four restaurants, spa areas to relax, a great area for children to play and a familiar atmosphere to spend baby friendly holidays in Italy.

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Children Hotel Italy

Children Hotel ItalyThe family spa Grand Hotel „Cavallino Bianco“ is a 4-stars children hotel in Italy. It is located in the south-tyrolean town Ortisei, in Val Gardena. This beautiful valley is surrounded by the impressive mountains of the dolomites. And that is only one advantage, because the Cavallino Bianco children hotel in Italy has a lot more to offer. First of all, the motto of the staff, counting more than 120 people, is, that “success is a result of good team-work”. And this can be seen everywhere in the hotel.

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Luxury Children Hotel

Luxury Children HotelThe Grand Hotel „Cavallino Bianco“ can also be called a luxury children hotel, because it is very popular for unique family holidays. The owners, the families Riffeser and Obletter, especially had children as their guests in mind when they created this luxury children hotel. They perfectly succeeded in combining a comfortable and modern hotel with wellness for parents and playgrounds for their kids.

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Wellness Hotel Italy

Wellness Hotel ItalyThere are many reasons to stay at the Cavallino Bianco luxury wellness hotel in italy. Completely renovated, the Cavallino Bianco presents itself as a very popular 4-stars wellness hotel. Italy, and especially the people of South-Tyrol, are famous for their hospitality. And while their children and even their babies are under supervision of well educated and multilingual childcarers, the adult guests of this family hotel can rest and relax at the luxurious SPA.

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Holidays Dolomites

Holidays DolomitesThe Dolomites are an imposing mountain region in South Tyrol, in Northern Italy. The mild climate in the valleys allows visitors to bath in most of the mountain lakes from June to September. In winter the Dolomites are a popular ski area. That’s why the expression holidays Dolomites is often used.

Holidays Dolomites means, to live a few days or longer in typical Tyrol chalets. Especially in Val Gardena, a valley in Trient, are lots beautiful mansions and traditional hotels. The main town of Val Gardena, Ortisei, was a traditional wood carvers village in the past. Up to now all balconies of the houses of Ortisei are decorated with impressing carvings.

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Baby Hotel Italy

Baby Hotel ItalyHaving a baby is no reason, not to enjoy the next holidays. What about vacationing in a baby hotel amid the picturesque wood-carver village Ortisei in the imposing mountain region of the Dolomites. Your baby hotel Italy is the Cavallino Bianco family & SPA Grand Hotel.

The former post hotel opened in 2005, completely renovated and increased in size, its gates as a children hotel, which is the first hotel of this kind at all. The hotel Cavalino Bianco even offers special conveniences for pregnant women. Nowhere they can better relax, than in this baby hotel Italy.

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Luxury Family Holidays Italy

Luxury Family Holidays ItalyThe Grand Hotel “Cavallino Bianco” was especially built for families, who want to spend luxury family holidays in italy. Since 1958 the hotel is in family possession. A short time ago the Cavallino Bianco has been carefully renovated and tastefully redecorated. And with the new “Lino Land” the owners, the families Obletter and Riffeser, created a paradise for playing childdren.

It’s a principal that only families with children can stay at the Cavallino Bianco for luxury family holidays in italy. For that reason the children hotel is a complete non-smoking hotel. Here the children are the most important guests. A well educated and multilingual team of nurses takes care of little boys and girls and even infants. From 08.30 until 22.00 hours there is kids entertainment and animation on more than 1000 m² of in- and outdoor playing paradise. The kids are getting special meals, softdrinks and juices and fresh fruit.

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Family Wellness Hotel

Family Wellness HotelThe Grand Hotel “Cavallino Bianco” is a very popular familiy wellness hotel in the center of Ortisei, Val Gardena, Italy. From every tastefully furnished room or suite, the guests can enjoy an impressive view of the south-tyrolean dolomities. Together with their multilingual staff, the proprietors are living the famous tyrolean hospitality. The whole team of this family wellness hotel works together in providing the most unique and exclusive holidays for families with babies and children.

The Cavallino Bianco is a family wellness hotel that guarantees absolute well-being on 2500m². There is the Aqva Sana for example, which is a really magic water-world with indoor swimmingpools and whirlpoos. The guests can also use the heated outdoor swimmingpool. They will also find an adventure pool with under water massage couches and a massage bay.

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Family Hotel Val Gardena

Family Hotel Val GardenaThe Grand Hotel „Cavallino Bianco“ is perfectly being suited for family holidays. The family hotel is located directly in the center of  Ortisei, a glamorous holiday resort in the south-tyrolean Val Gardena valley in Italy. The guests can go for a walk in the beautiful woods surrounding Ortisei. Or they can do some shopping and stroll along the pedestrian area nearby the family hotel. Val Gardena also offers impressive views of the italian dolomites.

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All inclusive Hotel Italy

All inclusive Hotel ItalyAre you looking for an all inclusive hotel Italy, especially intended for children? People who take gentle care of your kids nearly the whole day is exactly what you want? Then you should take look at the “Cavallino Bianco”. A family hotel of the first rate which does not only guarantees an unique stay during your holidays. Moreover, this all inclusive hotel Italy offers lots of specific services to you: In our wellness area, for instance, you can relieve yourselves from the stress stored up during the day – a precious pleasure for body and soul.

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Kinder Hotel Italy

Kinder Hotel ItalyTravelling with children is a very exciting task. Do you travell by car, by plane or by train? Which family hotel is suitable for families with children? Which activities are offered to entertain the whole family? Many questions are to be answered, before relaxing holidays can start.

The Cavallino Bianco is a kinder hotel in italy which is very eligible for families. The atmosphere in this family hotel is extremely convenient and the activities offered will please children and parents alike. There are, for example, a theatre for children, a beach club and a skiing school for the small ones at this kinder hotel in italy.

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