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Family hotelThe family hotel Cavallino Bianco (Dolomiti) is part of the idyllically situated resort village of Ortisei in Val Gardena, which belongs to the famous Dolomites Nature Park in South Tyrol (Italy). The family hotel Dolomiti is centrally situated, but also surrounded by a traffic-calmed zone – in the direct neighbourhood of a vast park.

As the ideal place to pass your family holidays, the hotel offers a wonderful indoor play paradise especially for children, by means of the play area “Lino Lands” – a vast area of 1000 m2. This play area contains a number of elements which are especially designed for children’s use, as for example a play station zone, the imitation of a nice village cottage or a big aquarium.

There is also a very comfortable baby hotel integrated in the hotel complex. The family hotel Dolomiti offers not only constant competent supervision by adults, but also pedagogical work with children of the age from 1 to 30 months. Your children’s fun factor will also be included.

Furthermore, the family hotel Cavallino Bianco in the Dolomiti is the ideal departing point for a number of family activities and excursions: This can be shopping excursions with the whole family in the inviting shopping zone in front of the hotel as well as walks through the surrounding woods.

Your family will also enjoy the large water area “Aqua Sana” with its “All-inclusive Flat Rate for Kids”. A water pool with a “Turbo action program” contains well-temperate water for babies and little children. There is a vast offer of special programs for kids, as for example a “kids theatre”, a “kids cinema”, swimming courses for kids in the “Swimming Academy” or magical courses where your children are introduced into the aspects of magic art.

Another highlight is a “Nature Detective Camp” where children can make leaded excursions in order to explore the paradisiacal surrounding nature.

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